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The following services are being offered to the community:

  1. Psychological evaluations for the process of immigration.
  2. Therapies to overcome:
    •  Combat trauma, child or adult abuse
    (mental, physical or emotional).
  3. Depression
  4. Personal growth
  5. Insecurities
  6. Overcoming fear
  7. Finding clarity and acceptance on sexual orientation
  8. Couple’s therapy
  9. Family therapy
    •  Better relationships among family members
    •  Adolescent conflict – self-identity – stabilize behavior.
    •  Managing and stabilize Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and other behavioral disorders.
  10. Anger Management training and certification (in group and/or individual)
  11.  Addiction problems
    •  Eating, gambling, prescribed medication, Street drugs, marijuana, alcohol.
    •  Obsessive compulsive relationships.

 “It is of paramount importance that those in need of therapy in the area of mental or emotional health, to include psychological evaluations, should be able to receive services in their mother tongue. They need to receive therapeutic assistance from a therapist who is well aware of client’s culture to be able to deeply understand the root of the problem.”

Assisting with tools for emotional wellness