Healing Arts


Through centuries art has been utilized as a means to tap into the deepest areas within the human psyche. The mind-body connection allows for a continuous flow of inspiration, as well as comfort, which sooths the human soul. Today, living under such chaotic social and environmental influences, we can only hope to reach those untapped resources deep within our inner being that can alleviate emotional pain.

Art can be expressed through sound by way of music, that is, playing an instrument or singing; or by visual means that can be expressed through sculpturing or painting, or by the written word through writing and reading poetry and prose in a way that can be observed. It is not uncommon as part of therapeutic work to encourage clients to keep a journal (which actually is a technique used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and in this way giving them the opportunity to maybe experience an epiphany, or even just come to terms with that which was daunting for them to face.

In children, and in some cases in adults, there are ways to allow highly traumatized individuals to manifest a hidden trauma through play or sand therapy. As a matter of fact, today there are schools that certify mental health clinicians specifically as Art Therapists. At Mental Wellness Now, we use the written word through poetry and writing, even drawing. These forms of art have shown to produce outstanding healing effects.

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