Anger Management

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Anger generates negative feelings that can provoke us to injure others. When anger manifests in a severe way a person can feel symptoms of panic, accelerated heart beat, blood pressure can rise activating higher levels of adrenaline, and at times our muscles can become tight. When we become angry and excite our physical system, we can even experience a black out while severely and dangerously hurting love ones, friends, or even strangers who cross our way. domestic_violence It is for these reasons  participants must learn to manage their emotions. They can successfully be trained to control their feelings at a critical time and prevent serious consequences, such as being charged with assault and battery while facing jail time.

Important Points

  • The need to know ourselves.
  • Evaluate the consequences before taking action.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Build better relationships and repair the damage ones.
  • Learn the positive and negative sides of Anger.

Subjects of Anger Management

  • Anger and family.
  • Violence.
  • Manifestation of aggression.
  • Learn to prevent anger.
  • Education on violence.
  • Techniques to control our emotions.

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