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In the past there was a very hermetic attitude about hypnosis which obstructed those who could really benefit from exploring the wonders of their mind. It has been up until recently that this information began to spread universally through committed individuals, who have dedicated their lives to learning and practicing. These individuals managed to spread this knowledge to those who needed it the most.

Regressive hypnosis is a therapeutic system, which helps the individual to establish an emotional balance. It is a very efficient way to communicate with our unconscious mind; this part of the mind that does not think, reason, or use logic; it only reacts to the stimulus individuals experience through their immediate environment. In other words, what we perceive from our environment connects our present to our past. Therefore, by using this technique we can find the cause(s) for our present condition. It is then when we are able to remove the baggage accumulated through the years, particularly from our childhood.


Through this technique we can overcome difficult conditions related to:
・ Fears
・ Insecurities
・ Addictions
・ Stuttering
・ Depression
・ Pain (emotional and sometimes even physical, when related to emotional trauma)
・ Impotence
・ Compulsive behavior
・ Frigidity
・ Shyness
・ Stop Smoking
・ Elevate low self-esteem
・ Reducing the stress that school exams can cause.
・ Other issues dealing with emotional factors.

We must correct the information that has been sent to our memory box, which is located in our subconscious mind.

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