Psychological Evaluations


Psychological evaluations have become necessary in many legal processes. They serve to clarify people’s emotional or mental conditions. Some of these processes are:

      • Child custody
      • Ability to stand trial
      • Immigration processes
      • Personal Injury (Neurological)
      • Disability cases

Other evaluations might also be required by law to meet specific requirements; this might involve the justice system and/or law enforcement.

Mental Wellness Now, LLC uses the following types of assessment tools:

      1. Basic Intake Assessment which covers:
        • Client’s demographics
        • Clinical assessment – History
        • Education – History
        • Employment – History
        • Health conditions (to include medications)
        • Family information – History
        • Living arrangements
      2. Mental Status Examination
      3. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – 2 (MMPI-2)
      4. MAYSI – 2 used with trouble adolescents

Not necessarily all assessments are utilized with every client.

Our reports are concise; where needed, key points are enhanced upon to generate a clearer condition of the client, results, as well as recommendations. The MMPI provides a variety of domains such as the areas of  cognition, personality and psychopathology.

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